Anonymous takes on Elon Musk contacting him a “narcissistic loaded dude desperate for attention”

Decentralized hacktivist team Anonymous has printed a concept for Elon Musk in a movie wherever they termed the Tesla CEO “nothing extra than another narcissistic prosperous dude who is desperate for notice.”

In the video posted on Friday, Anonymous sheds light on lots of items persons might not know about Musk.

It is unidentified if the men and women powering this online video are the exact same Nameless as the hacktivist group identified for cyber attacks versus quite a few governments since 2003. The movie starts with the pursuing concept:

“Greetings citizens of the globe. This is a concept from Anonymous for Elon musk.”

The video clip then points out Elon Musk’s acceptance:

“For the earlier several years you have loved 1 of the most favorable reputations of any individual in the billionaire class since you have tapped into the drive that many of us have to live in a globe with electrical automobiles and place exploration.”

It carries on:

“But a short while ago your carefully designed public picture is being exposed, and men and women are beginning to see you as nothing a lot more than one more narcissistic abundant dude who is determined for awareness.”

Anonymous then zooms in on Tesla’s earnings and the governing administration subsidies it receives:

“Many folks are now learning that the vast the greater part of Tesla‘s money does not essentially arrive from selling cars and trucks. It comes from federal government subsidies, selling carbon tax credit history for your innovation with cleanse energy.”

The group then refers to the actual founders of Tesla, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning who in an interview with CNBC, explained Musk was an trader of the corporation.

“This technically is not your innovation even though since you are not essentially the founder of Tesla. You only ordered the firm from two persons a lot much more smart than you are.”

Referencing to its latest invest in of Bitcoin and advertising 10% of its holdings not long ago, Nameless said:

“Tesla has also made extra funds holding bitcoin for two months than they did in several years of providing cars. It is also extra than possible that this bitcoin was ordered with income from these government subsidies.”

Commenting on Musk’s modern ‘change of heart’ when it comes to Bitcoin, the group designed allegations of Musk owning to do so in order to preserve his federal government subsidies protected “in an attempt to enjoy both equally sides of the fence.”

The video further talked about Tesla’s CEO ‘lack of understanding’ Bitcoin’s rules and his latest attempt to centralize and manage Bitcoin mining as they phone his involvement with the North American Bitcoin Mining Council. A transfer already received with a skepticism in the Bitcoin community:

“[Elon’s] go to build a Bitcoin Mining Council was rightly witnessed as an attempt to centralize the market and acquire it less than your control.”

Destroying life

The team concludes that the billionaires Tweets have wreaked havoc among the lots of retail buyers when crypto selling prices dropped to up to 50%:

“Reading from the remarks on your Twitter posts, it seems that the game titles you have performed with the crypto marketplaces have destroyed lives. Tens of millions of retail investors have been seriously counting on their crypto gains to make improvements to their life.”


“Of training course, they took the danger upon on their own when they invested and everyone appreciates to be prepared for volatility in crypto, but your tweets this 7 days present a distinct disregard for the typical doing work man or woman.”

Nameless ends their message to Musk by indicating:

“You could believe you are the smartest individual in the room, but now you’ve achieved your match. We are anonymous. We are Legion. Assume us.”