South Shore to further more hold off success release, citing deficiency of funds to engage auditors

South Shore Holdings, at present undergoing provisional liquidation, says that it has to more hold off the publication of its annual results, citing a deficiency of cash out there to the liquidators to “engage related experienced events such as auditors”. The team also notes that the Provisional Liquidators “do not have adequate information of the group”.

Investing of the group’s shares remained suspended, having been so given that July 2nd, and “will remain suspended right up until more notice”. On August 6th the team, which owns and operates The 13 Hotel in Macau, was warned by the Hong Kong Stock Trade (HKEX) that it could facial area delisting if it is unable to meet requirements important to resume trading”. HKEX can terminate securities that have been suspended from trading for a constant period of 18 months.

To satisfy the specifications to stay stated, the enterprise must have its winding up order withdrawn or dismissed and publish all outstanding monetary final results.